Pet Bereavement

Thank you for accessing this web-site.  It was set up to advertise the services available from the Mansfield Woodhouse based Pet Bereavement Support Group. 

 About the Pet Bereavement Support Group;

 The group was founded on 5th May 1993 by Yvette Price-Mear who recognised the need for such a service whilst working as Branch Co-ordinator for Mansfield/Ashfield & District CRUSE (Bereavement Care). This free, confidential service offers telephone befriending, advice and support by letter to bereaved pet-owners nation wide.  We also offer a visiting service to clients in Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire.  We assure our clients that it is perfectly normal to grieve for their pets and give them the time and space in which to do so.

 We are delighted to inform you that the service is being used exactly as it was intended.

 Our posters are displayed in the local community and people are referred by Veterinary Surgeons, Clergy, Health Care Professionals, and their families or by self-referral. The work of our group is advertised nationally through the Citizens Advice Bureau, R.S.P.C.A. and the National Association of Community Volunteer Organisations.  We are supported by our local council Dog Warden and the Police - who will give people our details if their pets are killed, lost or stolen.

 We have helped over 4,000 clients over the past 10 years and the work that we do has many dimensions. The basis of our work is one to one befriending and on-going support.  We have information available on such subjects as pet crematoria, a useful reading list, taxidermy and spiritual healing for pets.  We also find the answers to legal queries on behalf of our clients.

 Although we hadn’t intended doing it, we also re-home animals!  We have a Pet’s ‘Book of Remembrance’ where clients send us photographs and a message to / about their pet and it is opened every day on a different page.  Clients can request to have it opened on a particular date i.e. a birthday or anniversary of their pet’s death.

 The service is run from:
45, Peafield Lane

Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 9DS

We spend approximately 20 hours per week involved in providing the service and fund raising.  As the service is unique we have had enquiries from every corner of the British Isles.

For many people - especially elderly people who live alone - the loss of their companion pet is truly devastating.  As our charity is not a glamorous one it is virtually impossible to attract sponsorship. We are entirely unfunded so any donation, however small, is always more than gratefully received!

The group is providing a unique and very valuable service to people at a very low point in their lives.  If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Mansfield (01623) 653173 or Mobile Telephone number (07976) 890111.


Our Mission Statement:

“Offering Befriending & support to bereaved Pet Owners nation wide”


We have an on-going appeal for


to help with our fund-raising.

 If you’ve got any that we can have, please telephone the above number for collection – or alternatively leave them in the back porch at the above address.  Thank you very much indeed.


 If we can help you, or anyone you know please don’t hesitate to contact us.


 To celebrate our 10th anniversary - and having helped over 4,000 clients we are selling a book;

 “Your Mongoose wants Re-Varnishing”


Yvette Price-Mear

(pictured here with ‘Mad-Dog Ralph)

 Yvette Price-Mear with Mad-Dog Ralph

Yvette (Founder of the group), who describes herself as a ‘Housewife from Woodhus’, says; “I’ve put together some anecdotes and tales of family life with these aims in mind;

 1 – primarily as a fund raising venture to make money for the charity that I founded.

 2 – something to leave my children after I’ve gone.

 3 – to encourage other people to do the same.  After all, if I (with my 3 ‘O’ Levels) can do it, then anyone can!

 Please be warned – to give you an idea of the world you are entering by buying this book – I consider these to be extremely amusing jokes;

 * What do you call 12 nude men balancing on each other’s shoulders?  A scrotum pole! *

And - * Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa a listed building? *

 If, like the rest of my friends and family, you have just thrown your eyes upward in utter dismay – I’d advise you to choose another tome.  Without haste.  I hope you enjoy it”


 The book costs £3.99 (or signed copies £4), which is very good value - because each page only costs you 6.6p!  Kindly support us by buying a copy. 

 It is available from the Mansfield Woodhouse Co-op - or by post from 45, Peafield Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire. NG19 9DS. 

 Please send 4 x 1st class stamps for postage and make cheques payable to ‘ The Pet Bereavement Support Group’.  The book will be posted to you – via recorded delivery.

 These are a few excerpts from the book - to give you an idea of its content:


Whilst working in the Out Patients Department at Kings Mill Hospital I was taking a history from a rather quietly spoken patient who had a glass eye.  I introduced him to the Consultant as “Mr. S. who had lost his eye as a child when he was attacked by a Pelican”.  “Sorry to interrupt, Nurse” said Mr. S. “But it was with a pellet gun.  We don’t get many Pelicans in Warsop”


When our daughter Rebecca was 4 years old she told us that she was going to be a pincushion in Saville House School’s Concert.  I measured her up ready to buy some brightly coloured, fluffy material, from Sally Twinkles’ which I was going to hem into a square and leave her arms and head sticking out.  I’m glad I didn’t make it until I asked the Teacher what colour to use?  It turned out that Rebecca wasn’t as she’d told me: “a pincushion” – but in the percussion!


Aren’t Grandmothers wonderful things?  And isn’t it difficult to look them in the face when they say daft things?  I’ll always remember my Nana telling me about ‘in the olden days’ when the Betterware Man used to bring samples in his van and she’d; “ordered a roll of lino for her back passage”.

 Likewise when she read in our local newspaper that some homosexual gentlemen had been charged with gross indecency after being caught in some toilets near the Major Oak.  Trying to use it as a lesson in tolerance for our fellow beings she proclaimed; “I’m not bothered what they do, as long as they don’t ram it down my throat”.

 Wedding Car

We were viewing a classic car and I remarked about the doors being very rounded and narrow.  The Chauffeur said “Do you think you’ll get your big hat in there?”  Being deaf, as well as daft, I thought he’d said; “Do you think you’ll get your big ass in there?”  I told him that because of his rudeness I’d go elsewhere and left. Why do your ‘loved ones’ always wait until several hours later to tell you what had actually been said?

 From the mouths of babes..

When Rebecca was 3 years old we took her to see a house that we were buying.  Whilst I was measuring for curtains I overheard her tell the lady of the house; “My Mum says that it’s a pig hole now – but we’re going to make it nice”.  Bless her, I could have crawled out of there with embarrassment.


Whilst driving I saw a man sweating and swearing profusely re-loading vegetables that had fallen off his tractor-trailer.  I said to him: “Cheer up, I’ll help you to pick all your turnips up – if you give me one for my dinner”.   We spent a companionable hour chatting and picking them all up.  As I said goodbye he said to me: “Don’t forget your turnip, I hope that you enjoy it”.  When I got home and regaled my tale to my husband Tony he took great pleasure in telling me that it was a sugar beet!


 ·        All proceeds from the sale of this book are going to the Pet Bereavement Support Group.  If you would like to make a donation the account is held at the National Westminster Bank.

 ·        (Sort Code) 60 – 14 – 03 (Account Number) 408 - 22 - 842.