Community Action Forum (CAF)
previously known as Crime, Environment and Safety (CENS)

The Crime Environment and Safety Sub-group (CENS) met on 20 January 2011.  In October 2010, it became clear that the Area Partnership structure for Mansfield Woodhouse and Mansfield North, as well as the Area Assemblies across the rest of Mansfield, were not to be continued.  The open meeting held in Turner Memorial Hall on 14 October 2010 was effectively the “swan song” of the partnership.  However, many lessons were learnt from the hard work that went into the Area Partnership.  MWCDG want to build on that foundation and the CENS is the natural successor to take on the role.  It was recognised that there was some overlap of the activities of the two groups.  CENS has always had representation from Local Councillors, Police, Neighbourhood Wardens, Neighbourhood Watch, Local Tenants and Residents.  MWCDG were particularly happy to welcome Dr Butt to the meeting as well as local residents who hadn’t attended previously.

One of the main agenda items was the launch of the new group and deciding upon the name and remit of the new group.  Thus Community Action Forum was born.  The purpose of the group is to try to improve services in Mansfield Woodhouse and its’ environs.  It could be in these days of austerity the best the group can hope for is maintenance of present levels of services.  MWCDG intend to do this in several ways:

  1. To work in partnership with service providers to look at strategies for improvement

  2. To lobby any organisation that could help to improve services in Mansfield Woodhouse and its environs

  3. To hold at least two themed open meetings per year focussing in on a particular service provider to provide and disseminate information to local residents

  4. To act as the “pulse” of the area, the first stop for any new providers moving into the area

This can’t become a reality without having a broad section of representation from the community, so please get in touch and get involved.

MWCDG don’t want “just a talking shop” so we are working on the action points raised at the meeting which will be reported back to the next meeting.

New members are always welcome, if you are interested, contact Anne whose contact details can be found here.